Water Damage Restoration


We are Denton’s go-to company for water removal in your carpets. If your carpets are soaked with water from a flood, burst pipe or any other emergency situation, give us a call to get your carpet dried and restored ASAP!  

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Water Damage Restoration / Emergency Water Removal Service in Denton, TX:

There are few things more discouraging than dealing with flooding or water damages in your house– especially when it’s to the point where your carpets are completely saturated! Our expert water damage restoration service will certainly clean up the affected areas of carpet that have been flooded by water. We do whatever it takes to ensure your carpets will be restored back to looking as good as new! 

 How does the Water Removal for Carpets work?:

1. Identify which locations are affected:

We ensure that we identify which areas of the carpets need water restoration. Our Water damage and flooding solutions consist of the assessment of the affected place(s) with water spotting equipment such as probes and other infrared tools in order determine the affected areas. Also if you’ve soaked up much of the carpet with towels and it seems dry- the fibers are most likely holding moisture that might result in molding- so its important that your carpets get cleaned up by our state of the art vacuums and drying techniques. 


2. Dry and Sanitize affected areas of carpet: In order to dry the carpets properly, we use our state of the art water damage tools including industry standard scrubbers, dehumidifying machines, large powerful fans that suck up the water, our ultra drying systems and sub floor drying devices. We then sterilize any affected or cross infected areas, as well as deodorize all afflicted materials and areas of carpet that have been restored.  This procedure is done to totally dry any and all effected locations of dampness. Even the least little bit of water left behind can result in molding- so it is our objective to remove every drop of water in your carpets!


3. Installation of our Long Term Drying System : After we finish the initial step of drying out and disinfecting the carpets with our cutting-edge devices, our specialists begin the process of the “long term” drying process- meaning we leave these tools in your house for a number of days to keep the impacted locations completely dry, and extract any kind of additional moisture in your carpets. We will come back sporadically throughout this procedure to determine temperature level, moisture degrees and overall sanitization and also certainly ensure the devices are running effectively. We also determine if any kind of various other locations were impacted by the wetness, like walls, furniture or other products that could have soaked up dampness.

4. Final Assessment: After the duration of drying out time is complete, we do a final assessment to ensure all dampness and moisture has been fully extracted and is completely gone. We will certainly do an examination of the carpets in your house or service to keep an eye on the drying out process, and also guarantee that any kind of dampness extractions are no longer necessary. 


While functioning within your residence performing our water damage remediation services, we will be functioning around the contents of the home. This contains working around the following; couches, recylners, table and chairs, electronics and TVs, and any kind of other materials that may have been influenced by the water damages. We will ensure your belongings stay safe during the water extraction process. We may need to you to remove furniture from the surrounding areas of the water and flooding. 

The materials may also require treatment as a result of the effects of water damages. This might consist of sterilization, deodorization, drying out, as well as saving of the residence’s furniture for a time period to make certain no additional damages is done to the components of your home.

Once the temperature level, and moisture is deemed acceptable as well as risk-free according to market criteria, the water damage restoration tools will be removed from the home and the water removal process is complete. 



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We pride ourselves on being the absolute best as well as most considerable carpet cleaners readily available in the Denton area. We take the health of your home extremely serious by using environment-friendly cleaning components whenever possible, as well as cleaning your carpets in a means that is safe for you, your family and your pets.

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