Pet Stain and Pet Odor Removal

We know you love your pets, but you most likely the stench left behind in your carpets from pet odor and pet stains. Schedule a regular carpet cleaning and carpet shampooing with us to get rid of pet hair, pet odors and pet stains! 

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Pet Stain & Odor Removal Specialists in Denton, Texas. Eliminate all pet stains & pee smells from your carpet and upholstery.

If your pet has an accident, you most likely will clean it up as best as possible with soap and water. You may also assume that you’ve cleaned it up right due to the fact that you visually can not see any stains. Yet a couple of days goes by and also you start to smell urine and maybe you see a stain there days later- despite the fact that there was no stain there right away. This is why it’s best to give us a call so we can make sure all of the bacteria and moisture is taken out of the carpets after a pet accident! 

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If your pet doesn’t have accidents, your carpet can still be full of pet hair and also pet odors that are undesirable to say the least. It’s best to get routine carpet cleanings to preserve the freshness of the carpets before it begins to accumulate dirt and also smells from your pets. Call us to jump on a routine where we consistently come and clean the pet stains and pet odors out of your carpets!

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If any moisture from your pet’s accident is left behind, bacteria seeps deep into the fibers of the carpet, where it’s particularly difficult to clean and holds on to the stench of urine.  The remaining urine in the fibers of the carpet relates to a smelly and undesirable trouble.

Our cleaning remedies are safe for your furry friends, and will certainly extract the dirt and  odors right from the source, leaving your carpets cleaned and pristine. 

It is vital to select a business that makes use of professional quality vacuum cleaners and suction gadgets as well as top of the line shampooing and drying out methods to guarantee your carpet, rug and/or upholstery are effectively cleaned after a pet’s mishap.

What should I do when my pet has an accident on my carpet? 

Clean any of the pee that’s still wet with paper towels. Soak up as much of it as possible. Maintain changing the paper towels until it has actually saturated as much as possible. Getting rid of as much dampness from the urine as possible will certainly aid with discoloration as well as smells. Then place the paper towels on the ground and step down, with the weight of your body helping the paper towels to absorb as much of the urine as possible.  After that it’s time to get a professional carpet cleaning service to come finish the job with high-powered vacuums, shampoos and drying devices.

Pet Stain & Odor Removal

 Our professional carpet cleaning specialists use a large selection of the market’s finest shampoos, solvents, vacuum cleaners and methods to get the task done as well as make it look comparable to new.

Pet Hair Removal

Over time pet hair can start to accumulate as well as build up inside the fibers of your carpets. This can many times add a poor fragrance as well as discolored, blemished carpets.

We suggest arranging an on going service with us every 6 months to get your carpets shampoo’s and improved! Keep in mind that your flooring and carpets are connected with the value of your house. You will certainly end up saving money over time if you maintain the sanitation and the look of your carpets- rather than waiting till it’s so bad that the carpets require to be entirely replaced.

Pet odors can oftentimes be embedded deep right into the fibers of the carpet. Most of the time you will not see any type of stains or anything- but the scent is still there. That’s why it’s crucial to set up a regular carpet shampooing service to guarantee your carpets remain spick and span!

Types of Carpet Removal Services we offer for Pet Stains 

  • Pet Urine Stains 
  • Pet Hair Cleanup
  • All products safe for animals 
  • Stains and Dirt from Pets 
  • Pet Smells and Pet Odors
  • Stains related to Pets 

Stains from dogs and cats

Pet stains, especially urine stains can leave a horrible smell as well as discolored carpets that do not look pretty! If you have animals, it’s a good idea to set up regular carpet cleaning services with us to ensure the longevity of your carpets. 

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